STEPHEN HOLMAN is an Anglo-American artist who incorporates PAINTING, STOP-MOTION ANIMATION and PERFORMANCE ART into his work.

Stephen Holman

Holman has exhibited his PAINTINGS and staged his LIVE PERFORMANCES throughout the world. His four-decade career has included working on Pee Wee's Playhouse, directing and co-founding era-defining '80s LA performance troupe THEATRE CARNIVALE, and creating animation series for Nickelodeon (LIFE WITH LOOPY), Warner Bros (PHANTOM INVESTIGATORS) and Disney (THE BITE-SIZED ADVENTURES OF SAM SANDWICH).

His work has been called "a wildly inventive treat" by the LA TIMES and "performance art at its finest, with the guts to go beyond the boundaries" by the LA WEEKLY.

Stephen Holman's paintings can be purchased by contacting this website or through the following galleries:

729, S. Spring St, Los Angeles CA 90014
Opening hours: Wed-Sat from 1-6pm or by appointment.
Phone: 213 955 9051

Mezzanine Level inside The Last Bookstore. 453, S. Spring St, Los Angeles CA 90013
Phone: 626 216 6031


2016 Long Beach Expo Arts Center
2014 Horse Hospital, London, UK
2013 Dove Biscuit Gallery, Los Angeles
2012 Hive Gallery, Los Angeles
2007 Ghettogloss Gallery. Los Angeles.
2007 Remy's On Temple Gallery. Los Angeles.
2006 Track 16 Gallery. - Career Retrospective. Santa Monica, CA.
1994 Morphos Gallery. San Francisco.
1991 EZTV. Los Angeles.
1990 Onyx Gallery. Los Angeles
1989 Bobo Gallery. San Francisco.

GROUP ART EXHIBITIONS (recent highlights)
2014 'Twice-Told Tales' - Flower Pepper Gallery, LA
2013 Opening Exhibition - Wrong Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 'Vicious Circle' Young Projects, Pacific Design Center, LA
2008 'Dismorphic Visualization Syndrome' - Zero One Gallery, LA.
2008 'Apres Garde' - Gallery 1988, San Francisco
2007 'Body of Art' - J Ferrari Gallery, LA

PERFORMANCE ART (selected highlights)
May 2014. "Art is Not a Business" MOCA, Los Angeles
Sept. 2007. "O Lucky Man!" Ghettogloss Gallery. Los Angeles
Feb 2007. "Memory Cake." Remy's On Temple Gallery. Los Angeles.
Nov. 2006. "Tourism without Tears." Track 16 Gallery. LosAngeles.
Dec. 2005. "Goodbye Normal Genes." Steve Allen Theater. Los Angeles.
1998. "Siam Ultra Love Spectacular". Hosei University. Tokyo.
1992. "Bigg Mess." The Kitchen. NYC (with Johanna Went, Clam Lynch and Tom Murrin).
1992. "Laugh and Be Happy". Tokyo International Theater Festival.
1992 "Torture Chorus" Alchemy Records 10th anniversary Tour of Japan.
1991. "The Grandeur of Falsehood, the Vengeance of Squid." One month run - Marsh Theater. San Francisco.
1990. "Self Obliteration of Human Form Pts 1-3." The Kitchen, NYC , New Langton Arts, San Francisco and Force Nordstrom Gallery, SF.
1990. "Evidence of Love." April in Chaos festival. Fort Mason, San Francisco.
1989. "Lysteria Hysteria." Channel 4 TV, England.
1989. "Breakfast with the Moors Murderers." Franklin Furnace. NYC.
1988. "Peter Pandemonium." LACE. Los Angeles.
1987 - 1990. Co-founder/producer/director "Theatre Carnivale" - performance troupe and venue. Los Angeles.
1987. "Breakfast with the Moors Murderers." LACE. Los Angeles.
1987. Breakfast with the Crowleys." UCLA. Los Angeles.
1986. "Beyond the Valley of the Doors of Perception" (with Andy Somma). Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago and The Lab, San Francisco.
1984. "Torture Chorus." Franklin Furnace. NYC.

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2014 One month course Experimental Animation, Cal Arts University, CA
2012 - present - Visual Arts Advisor, Renaissance Arts Academy, LA
2012 Artist Panel on 1980s CA Performance Art - UCLong Beach, CA
1991 and 1992 6 week courses in Performance Art and Comic Books - San Francisco Art Institute, CA.